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I would like to take this opportunity in educating you as to what exactly a Denturist is.   A Denturist is defined as a ‘dental’ health care professional who provides denture care directly to the public. A Denturist is an independent professional who works with other oral health care providers, including Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Technicians, and Oral Surgeons, as part of the Dental Health Team to provide the best denture care and service to their patients.

Denturism is a recognized profession throughout the world, in which a specialized dental practitioner, a denturist, fabricates dentures and dental appliances directly to the public. The International Federation of Denturists consists of national organizations of denturism from around the world who are interested in furthering the profession, and providing the world's fully and partially edentulous population with affordable, professional denture care. Denturism is legislated and practiced in five U.S. states: Maine, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Colorado.

Unlike a dentist who works with a variety of patients and can treat a range of dental issues including cavities or gum disease, a denturist is a specialized dental-care professional who is trained and works exclusively with denture patients, whether it is for a partial denture or full denture.  You as a patient, are able to call your local denturist and schedule an appointment with no referral needed.  If you need attention by a dentist or oral surgeon, we can then refer you. 

Please take the time to research a denturist near you by going online to our Website:
Maine Licensed Denturist Association

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Cornish Denture Center, LLC 202 Maple St, Unit C Cornish ME 04020 #207-625-9227

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